About agarwal fabtex

A 600 Crores Trading company, the AGARWAL FABTEX PVT LTD is engage in dealing all kinds of Polyester, Viscose, Nylon, Viscose Staple, Polyester Staple Cotton and other yarns domestically and internationally since last 25 years.

Our promoters have competent experience of 45 years in the same line of business. It is anchored by an extraordinary force of over 40 employees. The company has very high reputation and recognition as leading and reliable supplier of textile yarns in the market.

Our strength has established the stability of demand and stable supply of raw material to our customer. This is made possible due to our prime relations with key customers and supplier as well. 

We are regular importer of nylon filament yarn and viscose filament from China and far eastern country and sale domestically.In the textile market place AgarwalFabtexPvt.Ltd is known for Reliable supplier for domestic consumers.


To be recognized as best Service Provider in Textile Industry......

We strive to Provide superior service to yarn and fabric convertors by continually expanding our service team & Network of contacts. 

We strive to be a leading dealer for textile yarns for domestic and export market by delivering superior values to our customer and society at large.

Honesty : Action and taking decision in a manner that is fair and honest.Adhering the highest standards of professionalism and being ackowledged for doing so.Honesty for us means not only financial and intellectual integrity ,but encompasses all other forms as are generally understood.

Assurance : On the foundation of Honesty,doing all that is need to delivery value to all customers. in the process, being responsible for our own action and decisions, those of our team and those in the part of the organisation for which we are responsible.

Passion : An energetic, spontaneous enthusiasm that arises from exciting engagement with the organisaton that makes work jubilant and inspires each one to give best result.

Seamlessness :: Thinking and working together across functional groups, hierarchies & businesses.

Pace :: Responding to internal and external customers with a sense of urgeny. Continuously determined to finish before deadlines to optimise organisational efficiencies.

Brilliance and best practices in all spheres of work 

Customer satisfaction

Commitment to honesty and transparency